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In the Collinsville, Illinois area, Big Timber Tree Service is the company to call for all of your tree service needs. Healthy, beautiful trees are the focal point of your yard and landscaping. Call us today, and get quality service from a company you can trust.

With over 35 years in the tree service industry, we are proud to offer the very best tree services and prices in the area. Whether you need tree or limb removal, stump grinding, or storm damage repair; we have the right person for the job. Give Big Timber a call today for all of your tree needs!

Tree Services Collinsville, Illinois
To make sure your trees stay healthy let us provide your trees with deep root feeding. Fertilizers applied to the ground can get washed away by rain and can even damage your lawn or trees. We use a deep root feeding method that allows nutrients to reach effectively the roots of your trees; where they will be the most effective.

If your trees need trimming or topping, leave the work to us. Our expert staff will remove dead or diseased branches that will not only improve the appearance of your trees but could even help them to live longer. If you suspect your trees have diseases or infestations, don’t wait! We can quickly diagnose problems with trees, and suggest ways to either remedy the problem or prevent it from getting worse. If a tree has already died or cannot be saved, we provide tree cutting services at the lowest rates in the area. Don’t worry about the stump left behind either; we can remove it or grind it down for you.

What do you plan to do with the wood left behind after a tree has been cut or trimmed? Don’t worry about cleaning up the mess yourself. Let us haul it away or use our chipper to turn the leftover wood into mulch. No job is too big or too small for Big Timber. We can help you with anything from trimming just one tree to clearing an entire lot with our bobcat.

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Tree Services Collinsville IL

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